20TH June, 2016 CONGRATULATIONS.. JOURNAL of Sheikh Zayed Medical College (JSZMC) is now indexed at Index Medicus of Eastern Mediterranean Region (World Health Organization). A milestone achieved and many more to be achieved in near future. Insha Allah. An achievement that reminds us the excellent motivation and leadership of our worthy Principal Prof Dr Ghulam Mustafa Arain and Prof Dr Faiz Ul Hasan Rizvi, The Editor, and the legend, the inspiration, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed Ex Principal, SZMC. Thanks to all of you Sir. All the Editors, Faculty of SZMC, and staff of JSZMC deserve salute for their contributions.
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Vol. 08 No. 01   Jan - Mar 2017  


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Contents List
Editorial Hematological Indices for Differentiation of Beta Thalassemia Trait and Iron Deficiency Anemia
  Muhammad Bilal Ghafoor
Original Article Comparison of surgical techniques used in adult varicocele
  Abdullah Bin Saeed, Shahbaz Ahmed, Javaid Iqbal
Original Article Outcome of the limberg’s flap technique in the treatment of pilonidal sinus
  Naveed Akhtar, Shafiq Ullah, Muhammad Sabir
Original Article Presentation and management of self induced anorectal foreign bodies
  Muhammad Saad Faisal, Sidra Dil Muhammad, Muhammad Imran
Original Article Factors involved in failure of exclusive breast feeding practices among mothers
  Raghib Iqbal, Mohammad Ali, Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Saleem, Jamal Anwer, Sardar Ali
Original Article Effectiveness of the ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract in the treatment of high lying perianal fistula
  Muhammad Safdar Ch, Muhammad Ishaque Khan, Muhammad Anwar
Original Article Side effect profile in cases taking oral ribavirin for CCHF virus exposure prophylaxis
  Junaid Mustafa, Moeen Akhtar Malik, Akmal Hussain Shabbir Ahmed Warraich
Original Article Microbial profile of Nosocomial urinary tract infection in a tertiary care hospital of Lahore, Pakistan
  Saadia Chaudary, Alia Batool, Rabia Sikander, Asma Ejaz
Original Article Perception of medical students for choice about their career
  Hafiz Muhammad Yar Malik, Muhaamad Tahir Karim, Jamal Anwar, Zahid Mehmood
Original Article Frequency of right ventricular infarct in cases with inferior wall myocardial infarction
  Moeen Akhtar Malik, Akmal Hussain Junaid Mustafa, Shabbir Ahmed Warraich
Original Article Health seeking behavior among psychiatric patients attending psychiatry outdoor of a tertiary care hospital
  Ghulam Mustafa, Irfan Asghar, Hafiz Muhammad Yar Malik
Original Article Radiological presentation of post primary tuberculosis in adult sputum smear positive patients
  Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan, Saeed Akhtar Malik, Abdul Salam, Muhammad Ahmed, Imran Bashir, Arsalan Ahmed Khan Durrani, Rana Nasir Ali, Masood Ul Haq
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