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Vol. 04 No. 04   Oct - Dec 2013  



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Editorial Advances in ophthalmic diagnostics
  Mehmood Saeed
Original Article Atypical spectrum of fundus fluorescein angiography features in central serous chorioretinopathy
  Hina Khan, Muhammad Umair, Mahmood Saeed, Aamir Asrar
Original Article Epidemiology of gun shot injuries in District Sialkot
  Sajid Hussain, Tanvir Ali Khan Shirwany, Iman Hakam Din
Original Article Stress testing in low risk chest pain patients might not be beneficial
  Yassir Nawaz, Bilal Ayub, Muhammad Raza
Original Article Comparison of gene expert® and tuberculin test for the Diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis
  Jamal Anwer, Humayun Iqbal Khan, Mubarik Ali, Kifayat Niazi, Ghulam Qasim
Original Article Role of induction of labour versus expectant management at term in pre labour rupture of membranes
  Nuzhat Rasheed, Sumera Siddique, Zunazish Hassan
Original Article Subculture on Islam agar: rapid and reliable method to detect group B streptococci colonization status
  Mujahid Munir Bhatti, Munir Ahmad, Afshan Khalid, Khalid Munir Bhatti
Original Article Risk factors of overweight and obesity among females of Bahawalpur city
  Samina Badar, Muhammad Akram Saeed, Seema Yasmeen
Original Article Comparison of the efficacy of single bolus intravenous lignocaine with magnesium sulphate to attenuate the haemodynamic response of laryngoscopy and intubation
  Syed H Majid Waseem, Tassadaq Khurshid, Raheel Azhar, Abdullah Arshadl
Original Article Splenic lymphoma in HCV Positive patient; a case report
  Abdullah Bin Saeed, Muaz, Bilal Anwar, Javaid Iqbal
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