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Vol. 03 No. 01 Jan - March 2012



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Editorial World free of TB- is this dream coming True??
  Masood ul Haq
Original Article Perceptions of chronic kidney disease patients regarding treatment modalities and status of medical counseling.
  Ghulam Mustafa, Shazia Batool, Sharif Akhtar, Shahzad Anwar, Mushtaq Ahmed
Original Article Frequency of severe carotid artery stenosis in diabetic patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting
  Abdul Majid, Mohammad Athar, Kashif Zafar, Amir Hussain Bandesha, Ijaz Ahmad, Ahmad Noman
Original Article Comparison of post operative analgesic effects of ketorolac and Diclofenac Sodium
  Malik Jamil Ahmad, Muhammad Nasir, Khawar Latif
Original Article Cerebral Palsy presenting as recurrent pneumonia
  Mubarak Ali, Abida Mubarak, MI Babar, Shahzad Ali Bukhari, Javaria Yunas
Original Article Evaluation of external fixator for the management of femur fractures in children
  Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Mohammed Azeem, Naseer Ahmed
Original Article Clinical manifestations and semen analysis of patients With varicocele
  Sajid Hussain, Yasir Latif
Original Article Hospital waste handlers… Do they adopt preventive measures?
  Ghulam Mustafa, Mohammed Yar Malik, Mushtaq Ahmed, Sharif Akhtar, Farhan A, pareesa R, Ayesha R, Quratulain T, Mehwish J
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