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Vol. 01 No. 03 July - September 2010  



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Editorial Can Pakistan health system afford the luxury of medical research ?
  Farooq Naeem, Mohammed Ayub (Guest Editors)
Original Article Sutureless tension free Lichtenstein repair: A safe option For indirect inguinal hernia
  Tariq Ghafoor , Tariq Mahmood Rehan , Shakeel Amjad , Mohammed Waseem , Mohammed Shahzad Anwar
Original Article Foreign bodies in tracheobronchial tree: A three year Experience in a tertiary care health centre
  Shahzad Hussain Qadri , Anees-ur-Rehman
Original Article Education, the only vaccine available for the control of HIV/AIDS
  Mohammed Razzaq Malik, Ali Hussain, Shazia Majid, Mohammed Zafar Iqbal
Original Article Effects of vitamin B-3 on selected coroartnary he disease Risk factors; A placebo controlled experimental study
  Shah Murad , Anser Asrar , Samina Karim , Hasan Raza , Aijaz Fatima
Original Article Clinical profile and impact of proper treatment in acute Organophosphorus pesticide poisoning
  Irfan Ahmad , Habib Ur Rehman , Javed Iqbal
Original Article Visual Outcome After Penetrating Keratoplasty
  Raza Ullah Khan, Mohammed Tariq Khan., Mahmood Saeed
Original Article Soft tissue defects in open tibial fractures and their Management by fasciocutaneous flaps
  Mohammed Zafar Iqbal, Mohammed Razzaq Malik , Mohammed Azeem, Irfan Mehboob
Case Report Anal extrusion of ventriculoperitoneal shunt, A rare Complication
  Mohammed Ali Bukhari , Chaudry Ali Manzoor , Waqar Aziz Rehman , Husnain Abid
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